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Why publish Condolences Ads in the Newspaper ?
Condolence ads are given to express sympathy to someone who is experiencing pain arising from death, deep mental anguish, or misfortune. Condolence is not always expressed in sorrow or grievance, as it can also be used to acknowledge a fellow feeling or even a common opinion.
What documents are needed ?
There is no specific document required for placing condolence advertisements.
What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?
Sample ads for Condolences ads are as follows: 1. Your dedication, contribution, and hard work will continue to guide is. You were our source of inspiration, strength, and nurturer. Your memories will always be with us. In reverence & remembrance - {advertiser name}, 2. 1. With profound grief, we inform the sad demise of our beloved, Smt. {name} on {date, year}. Condolences {family member's / friend's name}. {contact details}.
Any Ad composing tips ?
1. Check whether the deceased details in the ad text are correctly entered, 2. Check whether the deceased date of death or life span is correctly entered. 3. The venue should be mentioned in the ad text 4. Contact details should be clearly mentioned.
View the latest Condolences ads published in Lokmat

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